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This live radio talk show is produced and originated in the Triangle Area (Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill) of North Carolina for broadcast on multiple radio stations. The show was created by Mary Kendall Hope Professor of Peace & Conflict Studies to talk about current issues of conflict. Each week, the host creates a forum for exploring both sides of current events, national and international conflicts, politics and social justice issues.

The objective of the show is to transcend "right" and "wrong" opinions to more deeply understand the underlying reasons (both sides have) that drive their perspectives. 

The goal is to educate the listening public with respectful ways to talk about issues that two sides disagree on.

The conversation is structured to examine the specific issues that individuals disagree on respectfully.
The hope is that this show will reveal to listeners that people can disagree politically, but still care about each other and respect the underlying reasons for different perspectives. When each side thoroughly opens its mind to the other perspective without negative judgment or the need to be "right" and the other side "wrong" - moments of transformation and later transcendence can happen. 

Mary Kendall Hope, Ph.D.
Mary Kendall Hope, Ph.D.

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